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Continous  Blanching / Cooking / Cooling

Equipments for a Variety of Applications
Excellent ROI with Fast, Gentle, Uniform Cooking and Cooling

KartridgPack chub packaging machine forms, fills, seals and clips uniform weights of semiviscous products. In a tubular package formed of plastic film with ends secured by metal closures. 30-160 packs/min.

Anyl-Ray 316-6 for more than 40 years kartridgpak anylray machines have been most widely accepted fat analysis instruments in the meat industry.

Our co-operating compant tegetec ApS has for more than 20 years been delivering processing, packaging and optimising.  Solutions within a number of industries. We are specialized in the food industry.

Groba Cheese Processing Equipment
GROBA is a leading player and reliable partner in the cheese processing industry.

We achieve this by providing total solutions worldwide that contribute to an economic, efficient and hygienic processing of cheese into a qualitative end product.

So whenever it is about cheese processing:

Patented Screen Plate Meat Separation System– With the POSS system, the recovered product has an excellent textural quality without sacrificing yield or temperature rise.

The screen plate design features an uncompromising capability for sanitation while still maintaining ease of daily tear-down and assembly.

LPS suunnittelee ja valmistaa automaattisia  lajitteleita ja syöttölaitteita ”loadereita”, tuotteille kuten sylinterimäiset makkarat, juustotikut ja surimi ym. Laaja valikoima.